Makerspaces are “collaborative learning environments where people come together to share materials and learn new skills… born not out of a specific set of materials or spaces, but out of a mindset of community partnership, collaboration, and creation.” [Library as Incubator Project]

Public libraries are perfect homes for makerspaces, because libraries are the original ‘learning environments born out of a mindset of community partnership, collaboration and creation.


Makerspace Kits
In our small Makerspace, parents and children ages 7 and up can borrow hands-on STEAM kits for in-the-library-makerspace-area-only use.  [‘STEAM’ means STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) plus Art.]  
Osterville Village Library patrons with current CLAMS ID cards may check out our Makerspace kits or our iPad Air2 after they sign a simple Device/Kit Loan Agreement to be kept on file at the library. 

Our Makerspace kits include:
         -- a Little Bits “Gizmos & Gadgets” electronics set
        --  Lego Simple Machines Set
        --  Lego model kits  
        --  Snap Circuits Jr. 

        --  an Arts & Crafts kit
        --  a Girders & Panels building kit.

Children’s Room iPad
Parents/caregivers can check out an iPad Air2 for use in the Children’s Room. While the iPad is not meant to be used for emailing, messaging, Facebooking, downloading, etc. we’re selecting some quality learning apps to load onto the iPad, and more will be added each month. 
 The iPad may be used:
  • by a child ages 7 and up and a parent/caregiver who is present and actively involved in the use of the iPad for the entire length of time that the iPad is borrowed, or
  • by a parent/caregiver with a small group of children, provided the parent/caregiver retains control of the iPad at all times.

Current iPad apps include:
App What You Can Do
Reading Rainbow Enjoy high-quality picture books in our 'Skybrary' subscription to this classic TV show. 
Book Creator Create content, add images, build and share a book. 
iMotion Pro Patiently make stop-motion animations from whatever you'd like-- cut paper, Legos and more. 
Little Bits Learn what you can build with Little Bits; control your Gizmos & Gadgets. 
Scratch Jr.  Use simple coding skills to create animations; start with the intro video. 
Barefoot World Atlas Explore your world in interactive ways. 
Google Earth Zoom in, take a long look,come back often; you will never see the earth in the same way again.
TinyBop - Earth Interact with the forces that shape our earth. 
TinyBop -
Human Body 
See inside our bodies, and discover how our bodies work. 
Britannica Kids - Dinosaurs Learn about dinos, play dino games, dig up dino bones.... 
NASA Watch up-to-the-minute news and videos on space and space flight. 
Radio Jones Enjoy an interactive, wordless graphic novel about a boy and his Robot Dad. 
Lumino City Use your wits to help Lumi find her grandfather in this point-and-click adventure story set in a whimsical papercrafted city. 
Spot Tap the ladybug, then pinch and zoom your way into 5 fantastical worlds in this immersive wordless story by children's illustrator David Wiesner. 

Makerspace Programs 
Our Makerspace will also be the launchpad for a variety of upcoming STEAM programs, including hands-on engineering/design challenges during our ‘Build a Better World’ Summer Reading Program.

Stay tuned to the library’s Events Calendar for details.

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